5 Signs Why It Might Be Time To Redesign Your Website

The truth is, a bad or outdated website, can be costing you real business. 

We all know the old saying, “If it’s not broke why fix it?”. If this old adage matches your feeling about your current website, it may be time for a website redesign.

57% of consumers say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.


In fact, studies have shown consumers make a judgment on your website in only 50 milliseconds! That is an incredibly short window (1/10th of a second) to make a good first impression in a competitive industry. So a serviceable website may not be enough to compete in this rapidly changing online marketplace. Good design does not have to overly complex or costly, in fact, it tends to be simple and streamlined. You provide a service with your website, the easier to navigate and more stylish, the better for your bottom line.

94% of consumer’s negative first impressions were design related.


5 Reasons It May Be Time To Give Your Website A Makeover


  1. Your Website Isn’t User-Friendly/ AKA Clunky.

    Modern clients spend a lot of time online, meaning they navigate a lot of websites in their daily life. If yours is bad, outdated, or inconvenient there is a good chance (88% to be precise) that they will not return to you. Clients want simplicity and intuitive design in their websites, a get in and get out layout. A well-designed website is easy to navigate, fast, and will not leave a client searching for what they need. People are busy and you want to show your client that you care about their time and their needs. A hard to use website does just the opposite.

  2. Your Website Is Out Of Style/ Looks Dated.

    We’ve all been on a website that feels like it’s from another time. Bad fonts with hard to read colors and backgrounds. Did you know that 75% of users admit to making judgments about a business’ operation based on their website’s design? The site may be functional and you may provide exemplary services, but with a bad/dated design, you are telling your clients that you can’t be bothered. Think of it like a house’s curb appeal: inside it may be beautiful, but if the front garden is messy, the house needs paint, and the shutter is hanging off, how likely is someone to want to go inside? A website redesign isn’t frivolous, it’s an important signal to current and future clients that you are on top of things. You are in a competitive marketplace and having a contemporary, top of the line, a well-designed website is just one way to show why prospective clients should choose you.

  3. Your Website Is Hard To Use On A Phone Or Tablet.

    As more people use their phones as their computers, websites need to adapt. In 2018 58% of website visits were from mobile devices. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of having to magnify and zoom in to read nearly microscopic font on a website on our phones. You need a website that is as user-friendly on a handheld device as on a computer screen.

  4. Your Website Isn’t On Brand.

    A lot can change in a few short years, for example when you initially designed your website, your business model has shifted. Perhaps your brand, values, or clients have changed? Getting a website makeover is a very important step to streamline your business model and services, attracting the exact clients you want. Ideally, your website should be something that aligns with your business and that you are proud of. Your website is a marketing tool and you want it generating leads, accurately educating potential clients, and depending on your business, making sales.

  5. You’re Not On Google.

    Think of business as a highway and clients as motorists, everyone is zipping back and forth, how will they know where to find your business (or that it even exists?) without a sign along the way. If a client searches Google, you want your business to pop up at the top of their search. Like the sign along the highway, the internet is vast, and there is a lot of competition. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will ensure your website pops up for potential clients. Word of mouth is great and still very important of course, but making sure that you can be found easily, in this competitive field, is also vital. SEO is a relatively low cost, increases your traffic, and helps with brand credibility.

Your website is the hub of your marketing activity and it is usually the first place people get an impression of your advisory firm. Make it pop, make it count. To learn more about a website redesign that can fit your needs and budget, schedule your complimentary discovery consultation with Anna Shea, President of Illuminated Advisors.

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