How to Write an Email Newsletter Your Clients and Prospects Actually Read

Keep Your Audience Engaged and Excited with These Email Newsletter Tips

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, it may be easy to dismiss email newsletters. After all, opening your own inbox can make them feel like a dime a dozen, right? However, despite email newsletters being one of the most common types of marketing businesses use, they offer tremendous value – if you do them right. If you want to ensure that your clients and prospects are opening and reading your marketing emails, use the email newsletter tips below to be more intentional with every aspect of your newsletter.

Content is King – And it Should Be Original

It goes without saying, but the most important aspect of your newsletter is your content. You want to be original and creative while inspiring your audience to open, read, click, and gain value. While summarizing content from your website isn’t necessarily a bad idea, it’s better if each newsletter includes fresh, never-before-seen content, too. Remember, the goal is to excite the reader enough that they want to engage with whatever services you’re selling, while also keeping them on the hook to come back and read the next one.

Prioritize the Design

Visual impressions are important, which is why this email newsletter tip is all about design. Whether or not your clients open, read, and engage with your newsletter depends heavily on the visual aspect of your newsletters. You want to keep your style consistent, especially with any written content. Be sure to practice intention when designing your newsletter’s layout so that it’s visually engaging and highlights your creativity. This can be done by using high-resolution photos, illustrations, and an appealing, on-brand color scheme.

In this digital age, it’s also important to design your newsletter with mobile capability in mind since most of your clients will be interacting with your newsletter on their phones. No matter how much work you put into your content and design, if it doesn’t format properly on a phone, it’s most likely not going to be read.

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Stay on Topic

You’ve seen them – email newsletters that are too cluttered and lengthy, causing you the reader to lose focus. If you try to include every aspect of your firm’s services in one newsletter, you’re going to lose the plot. Blog posts shouldn’t be put next to events, PR news shouldn’t be squeezed next to an advertisement for services, etc.

Instead, use the email newsletter tip of staying focused on one specific topic per email. It might be planning for retirement, inviting clients and prospects to a new event, or sharing news related to your firm. The point is to pick a topic and stick with it.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

You might be using all the email newsletter tips above and creating fascinating, valuable content, but it won’t matter if it’s not the content your audience needs or desires. Think about the clients who will be reading it and develop content with them at the forefront of your mind. Remember that it’s your hope that clients and prospects will turn to your emails for fresh insights and hot takes surrounding financial planning and wealth management. Speak to them where they are and find creative ways to present financial information that they can digest and use, and you’ll go a long way towards developing an audience that is committed to coming back for the next newsletter – and potentially becoming a client, too.

Strike the Right Balance Between Educational and Promotional

Chances are, many of your readers are already clients in some capacity and, if they’re not, they’re heavily considering it. Spamming your mailing list with emails that are overflowing with content relating to your services is not going to have them excited to come back. It’s okay to have a small part of your newsletter dedicated to promoting your business – that’s the goal of marketing! However, you want the majority of your content to be educational and relatable, so you’ll compel readers to return. Don’t fall into the trap of only sending am email newsletter when you’re “selling” yourself or your services. Remember to find ways to serve your readers, too.

Market Your Newsletter

It may seem backward to market your email newsletter when the motivation behind it is to market, but this is one of the most important email newsletter tips we can offer. Why? Well, you won’t have any readers unless they know to sign-up! This can be done in various ways. You can have simple banner ads on your homepage, you can market on your social media channels, or you can have a pop-up window that people see whenever they go to your website.

As you’re marketing, be sure to set the right expectations with any potential subscribers. Don’t be afraid to get specific. Let them know what to expect when they read your newsletters, including how often they’ll be hearing from you.

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Remain Consistent

Keeping a set schedule for when your email newsletters are sent will help significantly in creating a consistent base of readers. Set a publishing schedule that works for you, and then stick to it. It can be a weekly schedule or a monthly one; what’s important is that you establish trust with your clients with a consistent, high-quality product they can depend on.

Need Help Implementing These Email Newsletter Tips?

Navigating the various aspects of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can be time-consuming, especially as you’re busy trying to serve your clients and build your business. Having a marketing professional who can help guide you in curating and promoting content that’s unique and specific to your brand can go a long way in helping you stand out from the competition.

If you think your firm’s email newsletters could benefit from having the touch of a marketing professional, or you’d like to jump into the world of email marketing for the first time, give us a call today to start a conversation.

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