Is Your Financial Advisor Website Making a Good First Impression?

The importance of a first impression cannot be overstated – in business and in life. If you want to grow your financial advisory business, it’s important to consider where many of your prospects and future clients will encounter you first: online. You might be a pro at making great first impressions in person, but many people will have already made judgments about you before you reach that point, which is why it is critical to have an exceptional financial advisor website.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, inspire trust, and grow your book of business, read on to determine whether your financial advisor website is making the right impression.

According to a report done by Neilson Norman Group, businesses have about 10 seconds to grab the attention of a potential customer online before losing them. If you want to ensure that your website is making the best first impression possible, you’ll want to ask yourself these questions:

#1. How quickly is your website loading?

Today, people are busy, accustomed to instant gratification, and more impatient than ever. This is especially true when surfing the internet. If your financial advisor website is too bogged down with graphics and content that its loading time is lagging, you run the risk of prospective clients never even making it to your homepage. Think about it, if you have 10 seconds to make an impression, but your site takes 4 seconds to load, then you only have 6 seconds left to stand out – and that’s if the prospective client sticks around that long. If you want to decrease your loading time, there are ways to check your site speed as well as various plugins and tools that you can incorporate into your financial advisor website so that it runs as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

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#2: Is it designed with the modern user in mind?

More than 92% of internet users say they access the web on their mobile phones at least some of the time. This means that many of your prospects will view your financial advisor website for the very first time on a mobile device. It also changes the way many people navigate a website. Often, web searchers are using platforms that employ infinite scrolling, meaning you can assume they’ll be prone to scroll down through your site.

This means that it is critical to ensure that your financial advisor website is designed with today’s prospects in mind. Previously, businesses aimed to catch readers’ attention “above the fold” to get them interested, but now you want to keep your content flowing below the fold so that prospective clients are encouraged to dig deeper into your site. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure that your site is mobile friendly. If it’s difficult to navigate your website on a mobile device, your abandonment rate – that is, the percentage of people who leave quickly – will increase.

#3. Is your homepage visually compelling?

It can be tempting to want to overload your homepage, knowing that you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of a prospective client. However, if there are too many graphics or too much material to digest right off the bat, viewers can become overwhelmed and turn away. Instead, be intentional with your design by making proper use of white space throughout your site. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure that the right information is catching the viewer’s eye, directing them to where you want them to go. (Unsure how to incorporate white space as a design element? We can help!)

At Illuminated Advisors, we often recommend using an engaging introductory video as a way to compel a prospective client to stay and explore your site. Videos are a great way to provide information about what services your firm offers, while also giving a glimpse into your personality and firm culture. 

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#4. Is the content on your financial advisor website encouraging viewers to go deeper?

To really make the most of your first impression, you want the content on your homepage to compel prospective clients to dig deeper into your website. This will require walking a thin line between making your sales pitch without coming across too sales-y or pushy. You want to give the viewer a clear idea of what your firm is about and why they should choose you over competitors, while also teasing information that encourages more clicks and a deeper dive into your financial advisor website.

Are You Making a Good First Impression with Your Financial Advisor Website?

As a financial advisor building a business, there’s a lot riding on your virtual first impression. You want to share clearly the services you offer, while also inspiring trust and making your expertise and experience evident. After all, you want your prospects to feel confident entrusting you with their finances – and their future goals and dreams. And with only 10 seconds to get it right, you’ll need thoughtful planning, intelligent design, and valuable content.

Luckily, at Illuminated Advisors, we do it for you.  

If you’re looking for a professional digital marketing partner with experience in the financial services industry, let’s talk. We understand that your financial advisor website needs to tell your story and be unique to your personality and firm culture, while also providing an excellent user experience for your site visitors. Our custom-designed websites offer the best in digital design and search engine optimization (SEO). Please reach out today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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