Leverage Your Financial Advisor Blog to Grow Your Business

If you’re committed to growing your business this year, it’s time to focus on your financial advisor blog. It can serve as a powerful element in your digital marketing strategy, helping to increase your brand recognition and to reach an audience that is simultaneously wider and more targeted. Whether you already have a blog or you’re considering adding one to your website, check out the tips below for best practices you can begin implementing today.

First: The Benefits of a Financial Advisor Blog

It might feel like the last thing you have time to think about. Maybe you’re even wondering if blogging offers true benefits for financial advisors. You might be surprised to learn that the benefits of business blogging are quite well documented.

Check out these stats:

Suffice it to say, if you’re not blogging then you’re probably missing out on valuable opportunities to reach prospective clients (and to offer more value to your existing clients, too). After all, when you’re publishing well-written blog articles on topics people are actively looking to learn more about, you get a chance to showcase your expertise, build name recognition and trust, and convert more leads. This is called content marketing and it can be a foundational piece of your marketing strategy.

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How to Do it Right

Your financial advisor blog may be a creative outlet where you get a chance to speak directly to your ideal clients about financial topics that you’re passionate about. However, it’s more science than art. Here’s how to start off on the right foot (or course-correct if you need a stronger blogging strategy).

Build a Content Strategy (And Follow It!)

Providing your audience with timely content is important; say, an article explaining how a new federal law impacts their retirement plan. However, if you want your blog to rank more highly on Google and other search engines, focus first on creating a library of evergreen content. Evergreen means topics that will be useful whether a reader finds them tomorrow, next month, or two years or more from now. Think about topics that will remain relevant in your industry and fill your financial advisor blog with them. In time, you’ll begin to rank more favorably for industry keywords and gain ranking power in search engines. Both are key to helping more prospects find your content – and to converting them into clients.

Think About Your Financial Advisor Blog Aesthetic

The content you choose to share on your blog is important, but how you present it also matters. Always include an image with each blog article and be intentional about the messages your images convey. For instance, if your target audience is Boomers, don’t fill your blog with images of young professionals. When adding images to your blog, take the opportunity to populate captions and alt tags with your keywords for the article, too. This is just another way to optimize your blog posts for search engine optimization (SEO) and begin to rank higher in searches.

Not only do images make for a more attractive financial advisor blog but they also help your articles gain more attention when you share them to your social media accounts – which you should always be doing.

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Always Remember Who You’re Writing For

Your target audience should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re writing. You could write a fantastic piece on retirement planning for physicians, but if you don’t have clients in the medical field and you’re not targeting doctors, this isn’t a helpful topic for you to share. Think about what’s most relevant to your target audience and what sorts of things they might be searching for information on, and let those topics guide your writing.

Tag in a Professional Partner for Lasting Results

Just as your clients trust you to use your expertise to carry out long-term financial planning that meets their needs, you can rely on a professional digital marketing partner to develop and carry out a long-term financial advisor blog strategy. Blogging is a long game, after all, and success in building your business in this way requires commitment and patience. If you’re struggling to balance blogging diligence with your responsibilities to your clients, outsourcing your financial advisor blog is a helpful move.

Want to Build a Strong Financial Advisor Blog? We Can Help!

At Illuminated Advisors, we do it for you. We work exclusively with financial advisors to develop savvy and strategic financial advisor blog strategies, as well as more digital marketing solutions to build your business. If you’d like to learn more, check out our digital marketing packages and schedule a discovery call to learn more.


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